Wednesday, 9 April 2014

How to Create Filter in Gmail

In Today Era, Email become one of the most important part of our business life. Most of our business works depends on Email sending and receiving. There are lots of features in built in web based email client (Gmail) that makes possible to send and receive emails in most efficient way. Among all features provided by gmail, there is a feature that allow user to add filter in their email account. By adding filters to account, user can extract important emails at a particular location rather than placing all important emails in inbox or in sent emails.

Steps to Create Filters:

Connect to internet

Open web browser and type in url field and click "go"

Enter username and password. Then click “sign in”

Go to right most corner of mailbox account. Click on "setting tool". Then Select "settings".

Click on "Filters"

Click on “create a new filter

Enter Details:

From: Enter Email id from whom email should received

To: Enter Email id to whom email is to deliver

Subject: Match the subject of the received Email

Has the words: Allow Emails contain that words

Doesn’t have: Don’t allow Emails that do not contain given words

Has the attachment: Allow Emails with or without attachment

Don’t include chats: Allow chat to be included or not

Size: Specify the size to be reserve.

Then click “create filter with this search”

Enable option as per requirement

Enable “Skip the inbox” if user want email not to be delivered to inbox

Enable “Mark as read” if user want received email to be display as read

Enable “Star” if user wants to highlight emails with star

Enable “Apply the label” and choose “existing label” or can “create new label”

Enable “Forward” if user wants to forward received emails to other email id and add the forwarding address

Enable “Delete” if user want to delete received emails

Enable “Never send it to Span” if user wants not to send received email to span

Enable “Always mark it as important” if user wants to display received emails as important

Enable “Never mark it as important” if user wants to display received emails as unimportant

Enable “categorize as” and select category of received emails

There is option to apply filter to other matching conversations. If user want then enable either leave it.

Click "Create filter"

By following all these steps user can apply filter to its receiving Emails.