Tuesday, 1 April 2014

How to Solve LNK File Extension Problem

Solve .lnk Extension Problem

A month ago, a problem occurs in my laptop that when I was trying to open my Outlook PST file. I can't access that file, when I search reasons for its problem then I came to knew that its file Extension changed to .lnk. 

Then I tried lots of option to change its original extension (.PST) but can't achieve. Then I search for possible solution then I came to knew about solution that helps me in recovery of my original PST file. Before going to solution, let's have a look at LNK file extension.    

What is LNK File

LNK stands for Link. Lnk is primarily the file extension for shortcut file in Microsoft Window. Lnk files are  executable file with their associated program. LNK file extension is hidden even when disable hide file extension option. Lnk files cause original related file to acquire lnk file extension. Recognize Lnk file is very simple as if when the icon of the application become blank or adapt other icon rather than original , then there are more chances that file become lnk.

What happen when file become lnk

Lnk files does not let the user to access file data, rather it execute the file. All shortcut file become lnk because a user choice folder is created in the registry of the system.

Solution to remove lnk File Extension

Whenever user faces problem, of not able to access its doc, docx, Outlook pst, ppsx file as these file become lnk. So there is nothing to worry for the user as original file format can be retrieve back by following these steps:

Click on Start button, then click Run and then write "regedit" without double quotes.Click Ok.


Click on "Software" in HKEY_CURRENT_USER

Click on "MicroSoft"

Then Click "Windows"

Click "Current Version"

Click "Explorer"

Click "FileExts"

Click ".lnk"

Delete "UserChoice

By following all this steps user can remove .lnk file extension of the entire short cut folder.