Saturday, 10 May 2014

How to create Remote Connection

Few days ago, I need some important files that were stored in my laptop and I forgot my laptop at home. I want those file but don’t have so much time that i came home and collect my laptop.

Then I made a remote connection to my laptop at home from my office computer and then transfer files from my laptop to my office systems in few minutes.

Before looking how to establish remote connection, lets understand:

What is Remote Login?

Remote login is access to one computer using another computer through network. Remote Login allow user to share data from one computer to another computer. It allows user to access other user system files to share data.

Which system settings need to change?

User has to made changes to System settings to made remote connection
Go to "Control Panel"---> select "System"---> open "Remote Settings"
Enable "Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop" and click "OK"

What is benefits and harm of Remote access?

Remote login is beneficial in resource sharing’s, despite of its important features; it is harmful as it breaks the security of the system. So whenever user is not using internet, then user must switch off internet connection so that no one access to the system through remote login.

What are the requirements of Remote connection?

Systems must have internet connection to perform the task of remote login, if any of the system is not connected to internet; in such case remote login is not possible.

What steps need to follow to establish Remote connection?

Go to "Start"--> click "Run"--> Enter "mstsc"

Enter the IP address of system which user want to access through remote login

Click “Options

Click on "local Resources"

Click "More"

Enable "Driver" or user can enable selective drive

Click "OK"
Click "Connect"

Enter "Password" of the remote system and click "OK"

Now user can access the remote laptop and share data between laptop or desktop without any external storage device or without installing any third party tool to share data.

What to do to safe system from unauthorized remote access?

User must disconnect the internet connection when user is not access internet, and user must disable “Don’t allow connections to this computer” from “remote” settings in “system”