Monday, 19 May 2014

How to Boost up Laptop Performance

Is your laptop speed make you frustrated, nothing to worry here are the tips that can boost up your laptop speed

By following these steps users can increase its laptop performance even if it is too old

  • Uninstall unwanted program: Computer consists of many installed programs, even if they are nothing of our use. So it better to uninstall those programs that are worthless. By uninstalling unwanted programs from the system, user free up lots of space in it hard disk.

Steps to uninstall programs:

  1. Go to "Control Panel" of your system
  2. Click on "Programs and features"
  3. Select the program that needed to uninstall, then right click and “Uninstall” program

  • Delete cookies and temporary files: After a regular interval of times user must clean up temporary files and cookies that gets stored in system. Cookies and temporary files acquire space of your hard disk and degrade the performance of system.

Steps to delete cookies and temporary file:

  1. Click on "Browser"
  2. Click on three horizontal lines on right side of browser
  3. Click on "Option"
  4. Click on "Clear all current history"
  5. Enable "Cookies" and click “Clear now”

  • Update Antivirus: virus is a malicious programs, they can attached to files that are stored in our system, presence of virus in system degrade the performance of applications. Therefore user must done regular update of antivirus, to protect the system from virus and to protect the important files from corruption.

  • Disk Defragmentation: Fragmentation of disk into different parts of small size is not good for system performance, it’s better to fragment the disk into different parts but of reasonable size rather than making very small partitions. 

  • Delete unnecessary files permanently: Sometimes user deletes files from system, but when user deletes files from system, they get stored in the recycle bin, where these files are consuming space of drive where operating system was installed. So user must delete unnecessary files permanently that can be done using shift + delete, either user can delete files from recycle bin.

  • Place limited items on desktop: Creating large number of items on desktop or storage of large size files and software on desktop can degrade the performance of system. So users must store large size application and files to system drive other than operating system.

  • Remove duplicate copies: IF user system consists of duplicate copies of files in each drive, then lots of system space is acquired by single file and that space is nothing of use. So its better to take the backup of important file in external storage device rather than creating multiple files in same system.