Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What is WorkGroup, HomeGroup and DomainGroup


  • It was old features that were including all the previous version of Microsoft Window.
  • In WorkGroup At large, 20 computers can be connected to each other so that they can share their data and exchange their information.
  • No computer has control over other computer.
  • Users’ accounts must be on a System to access that computer on a network.
  • It supports both Ipv4 and Ipv6. In WorkGroup computers are not password protected.
  • All computers must be on a same local network or subnet.
  • For sharing of data security and sharing permissions must be reset.
  • Require Technical knowledge to access WorkGroup.
  • Every Computer work with same WorkGroup name on a network.


  • It is a latest network type that was included on window 7 version.
  • It is compatible with window 7 and higher version.
  • It works with Ipv6.
  • It allows more than 20 computers to be connected.
  • All the computers need password to connect to the HomeGroup.
  • It is very simple to access and share information, data, document, pictures.
  • All the permission for sharing of data, pictures, Document is automatically enabled.
  •  It allows thousand of computers to get connected.
  • It allows computer from different local network to share data, files, pictures etc.
  • Creating an account on domain allow to log in to any computer on the network connected to domain.
  • Limited changes can be made to computer settings.
  • Network administrator control and manage settings on the Domain.