Thursday, 3 April 2014

How to Check IP Address

  Best Methods to Check IP Address

Some rules must be follow on a network for communication. Suppose user A want to communicate with user B and at the same time user B want communicate with user A, this result that no one can understand each other. 

To understand each other conversation when user A speaks, user B have to listens and when user B speaks, user A have to listens.Similarly there are some rules that need to follow on network so that communication can occur in network, for that protocols are defined. 

Protocols are the set of rules needed for communication.

Some of Protocols are:

 IP (Internet Protocol)
TCP (Transmission Control Protocol
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)  and many others protocol.

What is IP ?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. It is a set of rules that needed for transmission of data to correct destination. Internet Protocol sends message to correct destination by passing through many IP address. Internet Protocol pass the messages until it get destination IP address, if destination IP address is not found then message is shown that destination IP address does not exist.

Method to Check Domain IP 

First Method 

  • Connect to internet.
  • Go to start menu.
  • Open Command prompt Window by typing “cmd” in run application.
  • When command prompt open, Type “ping”.
  • Press enter

Second Method

  • Connect to internet
  • Open Browser
  • Enter ““ in url
  • Enter “Domain Name” and Click “Lookup"

Third Method

  • Connect to internet
  • Open Browser
  • Enter ”“ in url
  • Enter “Domain name” and click “check”.

    Method to Check Own IP 

     First Method

  • Connect to Internet.
  • Click “Start” and open run application.
  • Type “cmd” and click “Ok”
  • Type ”ipconfig”    

Second Method

  • Connect to internet.
  • Click on the browser (internet explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome or any other)
  • Enter “” in the url of the Browser.
  • Click “Go"

Note: Internet connection is must to check Domain IP.