Wednesday, 14 May 2014

How to Access Emails with Outlook Web Access

OWA stands for Outlook Web Access. Outlook web access is a web service of Microsoft Exchange for Exchange server client and users. It is included in Exchange server 5.0 and later versions.OWA was initially developed in year 1995. OWA begin to use from Exchange Server 5.0 version.
OWA provide user access to Exchange account through the use of web browser. Outlook web access allow the user to access their mails on exchange server when user is unable to check mails on Exchange server mailbox and Corresponding OST file in the system are not accessible.

How OWA is useful?

Outlook web access allows the user to access emails, contacts, calendar, and other items on remote connection. OWA provide some functionality of MS Outlook, it completely not display the emails as user can check Emails in MS Outlook on Configuring MS Outlook with Exchange Server. It also provides access to Microsoft SharePoint to read data.

What are OWA Services?

OWA provides two types of Services to the user:

Premium service: In premium service, users have authentication to use all the features and functions of Outlook web access.

Non premium service: In Non premium service users have restriction to use some of the features of Outlook web access; users do not complete permission to access all the functions to OWA.

Which browser is supported by OWA?

Initially when Outlook web access was released it provide full access to the users, uses Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and limited support to the users, using other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and other browsers. But from OWA 2010, it starts providing support to other browser with more features.

What are similarity between Outlook web access and Microsoft Outlook?

  • Outlook web access and Microsoft Outlook both allow users to access their emails, contacts, calendar and other items.
  • Both are useful when users are not able to connect to Exchange Server
  • Outlook web access and Microsoft Outlook both are easy to Use.

What are dissimilarity between Outlook Web Access and Microsoft Outlook?

  • OWA allows users to access emails and other items on Exchange Server with web browser whereas users access emails in MS Outlook without using web browser.
  • OWA does not allow users to download the emails but MS Outlook allows users to download the emails from exchange server by enabling cache exchange mode in Ms Outlook.
  • OWA does not create any type of file in System, but MS Outlook create OST file.
  • OWA require internet connection to access emails on Exchange Server whereas MS Outlook require intranet connection to access emails in OST file.
  • OWA only provide read permission to the users whereas Microsoft Outlook allows users to compose, and read permission.

How to check Exchange server mails through OWA?

To check emails of Exchange server through OWA is very simple.

Follow these steps:
  • Open the browser
  • Enter localhost:exchangeserveripaddress/username in url of your browser
  • Then window appear on which user exchange server account password has to be enter:
  • Now user can check emails on exchange server