Wednesday, 14 May 2014

How to take a Screenshot in Microsoft Window

Sometimes user needs to take screenshots of its laptop screen or desktop screen. But user does not get the idea, how to take the screenshots of the screen. Sometimes user captures system screenshot by its camera. This is also a way to capture screenshots but it is not that much efficient.

Here we are going to look at the steps to take system screenshots

Steps to take screenshot of Active and Inactive Window

  • Open any image or file (doc, txt or any other). As I open "Notepad" and "Command Prompt". Here “Notepad” is my inactive window and “Command prompt” is my active window

  • Now press “PrtScn” button in your keyboard. “Prtscr” button is before the "ScrLk" button in your system

  • Open “MS Word” and press “Ctrl+V” command to paste the screenshot

  • Screenshot pasted on Ms Word

This method take the complete screenshot of the system screen, this include active window as well as inactive window

But what to do when user need to take only screenshot of active window only

Steps to take screenshot of "Active Window"
  • To take the screenshot of active window among many inactive window, open many programs at same time and among many programs user need to take screenshot of active screen only. Open different program as shown in image below

  • Press “Alt+PrtScn” to take the screenshot of active window

  • Open MS Word and press “Ctrl+V” to paste the screenshot to MS Word

  • Active window screenshot pasted on MS Word