Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How to Use Keyboard to Operate Pointer on Screen

Sometimes user is unable to access its mouse or mouse is not working properly, user is looking for different option so to access cursor on system screen.

Here are the steps to access cursor on screen without touching mouse

To access mouse, user have to enable system settings:

  • Click “Start”, then Click “Control Panel”
  • Click on “Ease of Access Center”

  • Click on “Make the mouse easier to use”

  • Enable “Turn on Mouse Keys”

  • Click “Set up Mouse Keys” to manage pointer speed

  •  User can enable option to use Mouse keys when NUM LOCK is on or off
  • Click “Ok

If user finds this method too long then user can use keyboard shortcut keys to enable pointer on screen

After performing all these functions user can use arrow key on number keypad to move cursor in keyboard.

How to enable onscreen keyboard 

Steps to enable onscreen keyboard

  • Click “Start”
  • Click “Control Panel”
  • Click on “Ease of Access Center”
  • Click on “Start On-screen Keyboard”

Now user is able to access on screen keyboard to use alphabetic character that user found unable to access on keyboard.