Monday, 26 May 2014

How to Increase File Attachment Size in Outlook

MS Outlook Provides flexibility to user compose emails even when, user is not connected to the internet. But
It provides a specific limit on attachment of file in composed emails. Sometimes user needs to attach large size file. But user is unable to attach large size file, then users use Web mail account to send large size file attachment.

Most of the users are not known to the fact that MS Outlook provides features to attach large size file by enabling some properties.

Steps to Increase Large File Size in Outlook

  • Click "Start" --> "Program"--> "Run"
  • Type "regedit"
  •  Click "HKEY_Current_User"
  • Click "Software"
  • Click "Microsoft"
  • Click "Office"
  • Click "12.0"
  • Click "Outlook"

  • Double click on MaximumAttachmentSize
If MaximumAttachmentSize file is not visible

    • click on Edit tab in menu bar
    • Select New-->Dword (32-bit) value

    • Rename the file as “MaximumAttachmentSize” without double quotes
    • Double click on MaximumAttachmentSize

  • Enter value data that user want to set for file attachment size i.e 50 Mb= 51200 

By following all these steps user can set and change MaximumAttachmentSize of attached file in MS Outlook.